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Jake grew jealous as Jefferson grew closer to Christopher rather than him. Feeling lonely, he undaggered his younger brother, Nick, so he'd have someone to have fun with.

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The two began happily causing chaos across Los Angeles, even slaughtering an entire tenement building for fun. When Jake revealed that he'd choose Jefferson over Jake, though, Nick grew angry and threatened to turn Jefferson into a vampire. Jake, realizing his brother was too wild to control, daggered Nick yet again. Jeffery gets shot by the the Governor while trying to free some slaves. A dying Jeffery forces Jake to turn him into a vampire or let him die as a human. Jacob against his wishes, gives in and fulfills Jeffery's desire to become a vampire.

He told him that he needs to stay with him at Los Angeles, where the people who care for him are, but Jeffery left Los Angeles anyway- to fight the Germans. Much later Jake visited Jeffery on the war front in France, to entice him to drink blood of young ladies. At the same time he offered Jeffery return to Los Angeles.

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Jeffery was starving, but he refused Jake's offer again because he didn't want to leave his men. Jake looks into the werewolf massacres and learn that Zachary was slaughtering "beasts". He eventually kills Zachary, but spares his family, Rosemarie , Andrew , and Logan and Dylan Hedegaard ; ultimately shaming them in the process. In Eat, Sleep, Repeat , Christopher arrives in Los Angeles in an attempt to find his brother and he heads into the bar, in which he strikes up conversation with the vampire bartender.

He tells his about his brother's paranoia that people are conspiring against him and asks if he knows of London Deveraux. Christopher, after finding out about London's execution, demands to know what she wanted with Jacob from her father; Alexander. As Zander tells him of Jacob's predicament, Christopher soon meets Charlotte and uses his tactile telepathy in order to show her memories of his human days. He shows her the night that a villager died. He also shows her after Jake's transition, he, Jacob and their father, Hectate were in the woods when Jake suddenly dropped, screaming in agony as he began to transform into a wolf, indicating he had recently made his first kill.

Later, flashbacks show Hectate and Christopher tying Jake to a wooden pole as their mother, cast a spell to suppress Jake's werewolf side. Jake quietly begged Christopher to help him, however Christopher followed his father's wishes. Jake is first seen in the present standing upon a balcony as Christopher appears behind him, telling him he has found out who is conspiring against him. As Jake is told of Charlotte's pregnancy, he is outraged, believing Charlotte to have slept with somebody else and doesn't believe what they are saying is the truth.

As he leaves, he snarls for them to kill Charlotte and the baby. Christopher follows him outside in order to get him to change his mind.

Christopher's words don't pacify him and he continues to deny the pregnancy and that it will not give him power, and that he isn't willing to be manipulated by the witches. Jake is then later seen with Jeffery , observing the courtyard, the vampire's and loud music. He converses with Jeffery over trivial matters, however begins to grow increasingly annoyed with the younger vampire when he calls New Orleans "his town".

Blood Sacrifice: A Werewolf For Hire Novel

Jake huffs that before he left years ago, Jeffery was a "pathetic little scrapper still trembling from the lashes of the whips" of those who brought him down as a child. Jeffery knows he is jealous and snarls that it is his town, that he is the king. Jake stands for a few moments, the music quietening down as people observe the scene, including Christopher from afar.

Jake smirks before quickly turning and biting one of Jeffery's closest vampires, infecting him with his bite. He says to Jake that he broke one of his rules yet he is immortal and cannot die, walking away saying "who has the power now, friend?

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The witches told Christopher that Jake had until midnight to change his mind about the child and Charlotte's life before they die - as London's spell linked Zander and Charlotte together. As Jake is heavily drinking around a back lot in the quarter, he smashes a bottle upon the floor, knowing Christopher is behind him. Jake tells him to stop harping on about the baby and Christopher speeds towards him, determined to knock some sense into him. The two begin scrapping and Jake knocks Christopher off him before the latter returns, saying he will belt him like "their father used to", in order for him to regain his humanity.

Jake calls him pathetic and a "sentimental fool" as Christopher tries to mention family once more. Christopher walks off, leaving Jake to ponder the events. Jake is later sitting upon a bench, seemingly having thought about things, when Christopher sits down next to him. Jake solemnly reveals that the town was his home once and that he wants it back, that he wants to be king again. Christopher asks if that is all the child means to him before saying the child could change him, give him something he never believed he had; unconditional love of family.

Jake then looks at him and tells him to tell Zander that they have a deal. The next day, Christopher is helping Charlotte unpack things in their new house, which was co-incidentally their old house when they lived there and tells her he would always protect her. Jake appears, taunting "noble Christopher, keeping his word". Christopher and Jake are talking in another room, taking sheets off their old belongings. Jake says that they can destroy Jeffery's army from the inside.

Jake simply looks at him and says "you" before quickly shoving a dagger into his chest. As Christopher desiccates, Jake says family is a weakness and that if he is to win this war, he has to do it alone. Jake and Jeffery are standing on the balcony of the Abattoir and Jeffery is telling Jake that they lure humans to his club and at midnight they feed on them, Jake questions Jeffery about what they do with the bodies and he reveals that they feed the vamp blood to avoid any suspicion. In Were Back , Jake sets the 3 dead vampires on fire and the next morning Charlotte asks him what the plan is to get Christopher back.

Jake say there is plan A: ask Jeffery for Christopher back and then there is plan B: war. Jake goes through with plan A and asks Jeffery for Christopher back, but he says no and invites him to the party he is going to host. Later Jake and Charlotte were having a talk with Zander asking him to do a tracking spell in order to find Christopher and Jeffery at the same time.

In You Are Dead To Me , Jake goes to Charlotte to tell her that Christopher will be returning soon and as he is about to leave Charlotte stops him a tells him that she thinks the baby is a girl and Jake leaves the room with a smile on his face. Christopher tells him to handle it and he says that he needs a distraction and Christopher says that he is on his way. He then returns to Jeffery and asks him what happened next. Jeffery tells him that when the harvest was preformed the witches killed the chosen four, but before they could kill Julia Jeffery showed up with his army and they stopped the ritual and when Marcel saw Julia being held by a witch trying to get free Jeffery saved her and Jeffery tells Jake that there was something in the way that she fight to know and Jake respond by saying I do Jefferson reminding him of how he once saved Jeffery as a child.

Jeffery continues to tell the story and when the other three girls had been killed Julia was given all of their power and that is what makes her so strong. In I Tried To Live , Jake attempted to buy his brother's forgiveness, but Christopher refused as forgiveness can't be bought. Then Jake feed of the girl instead and left her body on the table. Afterwards the brothers began to ignore each other and sat down right in front of each other and read. Later Christopher rips out a page from his spell book and he informs Jake that he intends to break the link between Charlotte and Zander and he also reveals that their deal with Zander no longer stands.

Jake is then told by Christopher to accompany him to the church and stay guard so Christopher can have some time with Zander. They arrived at a crypt and found Zander chained up and he revealed that Julia used a cursed object on him that will affect Charlotte and kill Jake's baby.

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After learning this Jake went to The Faction to ask them to find Julia for him. When the leader Kieran asked him why they should to this Jake reveals that Julia is the witch that hexed his nephew Sean into kill himself and nine priests. This convinced Kieran to find her and he asked Jake form some time and he screamed at Kieran that he does not have time, but Kieran didn't even flinch to it and stood tall against him this impressed Jake and he gave him one hour.

Later he catches Kieran leaving the church and he offers Kieran a deal; Kieran does what they agreed to and Jake asked Julia how to undo the curse she placed on Charlotte. Julia says it can't be reversed and his child will die.

After Jake learns that the link has been broken and his child is safe he tells Julia that he is going to leave pieces of her at her family crypt, believing that it will send a fitting message; no one hurts his family. Then Christopher will give him his forgiveness. He does as his brother asks and after he says that it is much like him to spoil his fun Christopher attacks and kills Julia.

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In It's Going Down , Jake shows Graysin the spell required to create the moonlight rings and tells him of the changes he wants made to them. He then promises him that, in exchange for his allegiance, he will give him his mother's spell book and protect him from all his enemies. When Jeffery snatches Zander as he arrived with the black kyanite stones needed for the spell, Jake deduces from Graysin's inability to locate them that Jeffery had a cloaking spell around him. He heads to the warehouse where he and Christopher find Zander bound to a chair tied to explosives.

A timer makes them go off as Jeffery's revenge for his friend's death but all three make it out alive. They return to the compound where Graysin tells Jake that he needs something to bind the spell, ideally another wolf who can control his transformation and Jake offers his blood.

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Jeffery escapes and Graysin later finds a weakened Jake and tells him what he did: that the stones drew their power from him and that he would now be weak and in pain every time a werewolf drew on them to prevent their turn. He then knocks him out with magic. Jake later wanders aimlessly through the streets of Los Angeles until he hears Charlotte's screams coming from St. Anne's Church. He realizing that Charlotte and his child are in danger, Jake screams up to the sky in anger.

In present time Jake arrives at St. Anne's Church and tries to save Charlotte and the baby from the witches, but in the process he gets pinned to the wall by magic.