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His glory is exalted and magnified in the world. Those who were distant from Him are stirred to return. We can attain true fear of Heaven, harmony in the home and genuine prayer. Strife and malicious slander are banished and universal peace spreads in all the worlds Likutey Moharan Through the mitzvah of kindling the lights of Chaunkah, we draw down holyDa'at, the knowledge of God, upon ourselves. This Da'at is the goodly oil Tehillim of memory, whereby a person at all times bears in mind that everything in this world,, both in general and in particular, has meaning only in relation to the World to Come.

The days of Chanukah are days of thanksgiving and praise. Thanksgiving and praise are the essence of the delight of the World to Come. They cause the light of truth to shine: we can pray in truth and learn Torah in truth from the lips of the true teacher, and marriage unions are formed in truth.

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These three rays of truth send light to all the different facets of speech and bring the faculty of speech to perfection. Through this was are able to bring the sanctity and joy off Shabbat into the six days of the week. Then the simple unity of God is revealed.

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  • All these tikkunim are brought about y the kindling of the Chaunkah lights, and the praise and thanksgiving which we offer on Chanukah. How precious it is if you achieve all this on Chanukah and bring about these awesome tikkunim Likutey Moharan II,2. The appeals we make to God to "Forgive us!

    1. Chanukah Light of Redemption.
    2. Shabbat Shalom.
    3. Depravity 2.

    The reason is that the theme of Chaunkah is the consecration of the Holy Temple chanukat Beit Hamikdash , and on Chanukah we draw the sanctity of the Holy Temple upon ourselves. But it is only possible to do this when our sins are forgiven, as they are on Yom Kippur.

    This knowledge can free us from the hold of sin. Nowhere is God's love for Israel more clearly revealed than in the forgiveness of sin. When we radiate the holy knowledge of God's unity to our children and pupils in this generation and in all the generations of the future, we can come to a vision of the transcendental levels of holiness, the holiness which is beyond this world and encompasses it.

    This vision is a foretaste of the joy of the World to Come. It is through the kindling of the holy oil of the Chanukah lights that we come to perceive these levels and then our very life and sustenance are drawn from the Supernal Will. We can be worthy of receiving an awesome revelation of God's Will and favor at the very time we are eating.

    We long and yearn and pine for God with a desire that has no limits.

    The Way of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov | Or Shalom Synagogue – אור שלום

    But only if you are close to a true teacher who is filled with genuine love can come to attain these levels on Chanukah. How precious to find such a teacher. Good Shabbos!

    Cantor Israel Nachman - Hadlakat Nerot Chanukah 2018

    Good Chodesh! Happy Chanukah! Do not leave your child in the back play area or upstairs unattended at any time. Please join us for Shacharis upstairs entrance off the alley - now every Sunday morning! Doors open at am, davening begins at am. David Sacks's Sunday morning class follows davening. Start your week off happy! You'll be glad you did! Free street parking. Women Only. Cash Bar. Snacks, Menorah Lighting. Laser Light Show and lots of fun! Beth Jacob invites you to a Concert of a Lifetime, featuring highlights of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach's greatest melodies and accompanied by a full symphony orchestra.

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    Carlebach Goes Symphonic, directed and produced by Dr. After the Hasmoneans [Maccabees] defeated them, they searched and found but one cruse of oil, untouched and sealed with the seal of the High Priest. The cruse had only enough oil for one day, but a miracle occurred and they were able to light from it for eight days. This miracle of light after one of our darkest hours, we are taught, is the last collective miracle we experienced as a Jewish people and provides an access point to the miraculous.

    Today we really need such a touchstone. I arrived in Israel during the heat of the Gaza War, and after living in Jerusalem for the past five months, I can see how the ripples of the war are fraying hopes for peace — cynicism from Palestinians and Jews alike about their relations is at an all-time high.

    Polarization among Jews here in Israel is at an extreme. Meanwhile, Palestinian protest and violence is brewing from East Jerusalem in new waves of terrorism and civil unrest not seen here since the end of the Second Intifada nearly a decade ago.

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    The news from Ferguson has been shocking as well and people are rising up all over the country to decry injustice — some peacefully and some violently. Chanukah offers powerful and important teachings for these dark times. I like to speak of it as the miraculous order that at times becomes visible to our awareness, which steadily suffuses what we call the natural order. Much of liturgy and teaching prepares us to tune into that miraculous order.

    Culturally, the natural order has been subverted to utilitarian purposes. The stronger that template covers the natural order the less we are in touch with the miraculous order. The ritual and liturgy connected with Chanukah and the candles are there to cleanse the doors of our perception so that we might again be attuned to the order of the miraculous.

    All we must do is to just look at them.