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Castleton - Aug. Developments are not slow: i soon see that taking charge does not mean taking charge at all. What I think of it will not now be recorded.

In the meantime observe my benign placidity. I have so dreaded this Sunday without the little Mother. God has not let me miss Him, too. Lilly C. I do not come back as I went. Sherman to talk to me. A man, they tell me, "will give the school more of a name. The whole of me says, as I toss 7 toss, "I will not stay. The drawing away of the profs in Castleton means, does it not?

Williams is vanished from my horizon! I have lived to see this day!


I must find a way out of this. I wish I could make myself feel something away down deep - as deep as I ever feel. What is going to come upon me to bring me out of this valley? Hyde is principal. How well for me it is! She might be always kind, tender-hearted, forgiving - but she is far from it. O-God help her! I sit in a grim silence which means only sorrow.

How funny all my dreams see - I who was to have been at Michigan! A cross girl is to be fixed over into a sunny girl. I think the struggle going on down here in the dark is part of the battle for Christ. I can feel Him so much nearer since the conflict began. What she says in those still moments,let us hope will make her what she finds it so hard to be. This is why I am not at Michigan. I am learning - how slowly! Do I not know the sunless depths that come after such a day?

Am I never to be helped? Some days she never hears the cars : today every car-ring goes thro' her. The pain is so sweet - the help so precious. Danny, bless the loving boy-heart! How good life is even such times! This is also a source of regret to those who have to do with me! Then I'll know how much of a Christian you are.

I've embraced Miss W. Hard job! I comprehend at once about what I've got to come to. I can get a good deal in a taste! How thankful I ought to be for blessings like these! Jan 26"-- Shows me prospects of continued discipline. I fight at the very thought.

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It is a pitiable sight. One can't gaze upon martyrs every day. These are cheering pages.


What an addition they would be to the literature of the desponding! Isn't this high moral courage? Anything like a bright even with a dark tied to it comes as hopeful as the sounding tread of a victorious army to the waiting prisoners in the city! I am a spar floating, or a spindle whirling, or a speck wherving, or a piece of endurance chasing about.

The way there is so plain that I never lose the path. That's the way people talk to you when your back aches. Glad to think of the eternal peace into which another soul has drifted. He threw his sermon at us, fiercely. April 2"-- All the melancholy verses of the forlorn poetswould apply. Minor strains wail through the rain. What becomes of my religion such days as these?

Cohoes - April 3" Is ready for a hallelujah or two!

S.H.Figuarts NARUTO Uzumaki Naruto Sennin Mode Complete Edition,

April 4"-- Being allowed to wake up in a christian manner is an ecstasy I had almost forgotten. I have been rung up so long!

I never felt so tired before. I'm not on a quest for the immortal glory part of anything. To see me mount heights stairs especially would give you the most painful sensations. I had thought for a little while that I could never go into the schoolroom again. May 13" It makes me just as happy in my work as I can be.

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June 21"-- Dreams of a better world. Anybody could with a lap full of essays. There's always somebody near enough to get a part of your shadows. June 29" - Cohoes - The home door swings wide for me. God keeps me still a mother to be glad I came! July 1"-- Many of the interesting details which have hitherto been all-absorbing to this journalist will appear no more.

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There will be no more mention of bells or of anything that may, can, must, might, could, would or should be done. I want it under-stood that I want my dreams aerial, etherial [sic] - that kind. This is a good world as long as the mothers stay in it. July 5"-- Mother's short cake roused all our slumbering patriotism. A little place is big enough to fret in. I've come to a standstill. But the Lord knows what to do with me. I am trusting a little. It came with all its beauty giving no sign. Night ended in day while yet tired eyelids lay upon tired eyes.

July 23"-- My early ride was perfection itself. Such an air as I have not breathed since I left heaven, long ago. July 25"--Sunday - Lives in sunlight. Weak-hearted girl! But she does love Mother so! As if I could do things - sometime. As if mother should have a quiet, happy old age.

I felt so good all day. Nothing could mar it. This page is for the desponding. It starts out as if it might be so bracing.