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We'll see how stupid it looks when I'm all done. So I painted away and turned it from this grimey, grungey, dingey kitchen into a light, bright, cooking space. Like x better, right?!

PDF Man of the House (Criscos Memoirs #1)

Mohamed actually said, "Ok, you were totally right. It looks way better now. None of the doors had handles on them so I decided to get a little wacky. I bent forks over the top of the kitchen sink and formed my new cabinet pulls: Fully functional, or FORKtional. The next thing is kind of boring, but it's a good tip if you need kitchen space on a budget.

The white pole you see in the picture is actually the lightweight metal tube from the beach house curtain rod. I still had the hardware and mounts with me and as luck would have it, it fit perrrrrfectly where I wanted to hang it. I made my own metal hooks to hang the pots with out of 2 wire coat hangers. I clearly don't travel with a saw, so I just used a smooth-blade fruit knife and cut it. Whatever, it worked and didn't take hardly any elbow grease. Don't call me a pot head.

PS-- shout out to Victoria J. Baller on a Budget craft idea 3, The super cool string light. This project was almost free. The plastic drop-cloth came wrapped on one of my custom canvases so that was free. I blew up the balloon and greased that bad boy with some medical ointment for backaches because I didn't have Crisco. Then I undid the yarn and wound it around my elbow and wrist like an extension cord and dunked it in the bucket of glue.

Let me tell you how messy this project is: It's seriously a big gooey, gluey, gloppy mess. Definitely NOT a kids project. Long story short, I wound the string around the ball, let it harden and then popped the balloon. The cast of characters Pretty sweet! Ok fine, there's nothing surf-related about this but there is a couch theme goin' on here.

My first reaction was almost instant: I can try my hand at furniture upholstery. I've never reupholstered anything so I just used common sense. Here are the results: Sitting in the basement of Mohamed's mom's house was this horrifyingly ugly chair. It was wood with quite possibly the world's most hideous flower fabric on it.

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Ever the one to find a glimmer of hope in something ugly, I begged Mohamed to let me have it. He looked at me like I was nuts. With a little convincing, reluctantly agreed and sighed while shaking his head. Behind him, I was doing a victory dance of course.

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I knew I needed to re-vamp the whole chair so I bought some fabric and small can of buttercream colored paint. I got to work and totally transformed that beast. My friend Eva from the intro above was the first person to step foot in the new spot. Of everything she saw, she said she loved the chair the most and saw potential in it. So apparently, my eye has good taste. Hopefully she likes the end result as much as I do. I don't even want to sit on this. This next project was totally free and took me less than a half hour to do.

There's a mirror shop around the corner and they always leave scraps outside, which of course are not garbage if you're an artist. All I did was put tape on a mirror and then painted the sections with paint. When it was dry, I took off the tape.

Download e-book Man of the House (Criscos Memoirs #1)

Afterwards I added glitter, too because honestly It's about as long as a cookie sheet and as wide as your hand. Matte Paint Razzlier and Dazzlier Quickie Project 2 When you move into an apartment in Morocco, all the crud from the tenant before you is still there. Whatever they leave behind is now your responsibility--on top of you having to clean the whole place from top to bottom.

Anyway, the landlord painted the whole house a really nice buttery color so at least that was fresh. Of course, he left behind his trail of trash, empty soda bottles, and cigarette butts for us to enjoy. There's nothing more peaceful than feeling the raw earth underneath you and hearing the sound of crashing waves next to you.

Worship is for the Most High. It was perfect because it was like a little fort and provided us with perfect shade. It gets the thumbs up of approval These gnaoua guys were walking along the beach, rang-bang-boomin' around and playing their racket! They're like musical nomads.

How about this seaweed?!

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This guy was so happy while he was fishing. Hopefully he caught some big ol' floppy fish! Does anyone know what these red things are? I found lots of them hiding under rocks right on the shore. They look like clown noses or something and I've never seen them before. If you know what they are, can you please comment?

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This is a little stretch of beach just north of Taghazout. One Sunday, we found this perfect little cave opening to shade us from the hot sun. We had lunch underneath there, too. Time to pray again.

This is after we both prayed Asr together. The day was warm, sunny, and with a perfect breeze. Ramadan is truly a unique month. Every morning we wake up around 3: When the athan , the call to prayer, sounds around 4: Like seriously, drop your fork. When this is done, we are ready to pray.

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During Ramadan, we pray and then afterwards Mohamed and I read the Quran for a while before we go to sleep around 5: When you think about it, sleeping from about 1: Mohamed may not agree with that. He gets up at about 9: Soooo not my thing. When I finally roll out of bed couch, I start my day and then around To some people, it may seem like 5 prayers a day is an awful lot, but really it only takes about 10 minutes or so.

After I'm finished praying, I usually read the Quran for a while. Sometimes if there's a wifi signal from the neighbor, I check my email, watch Islamic-related videos online, or do some research. Mohamed bought me 8 little books about different things related to Islam and they are all in English! Finding a book here in English is like a diamond in the rough. I'm very happy he found some and bought all of them for me.

Anyway, one of the videos I found is now a favorite on my bookmarks bar. It's a video of a little boy leading the prayer-- which is no small feat.

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The way it works is that whoever is most knowledgeable is the one who leads the prayer. The prayer leader is called the imam. I'm not sure if this young boy is just a guest this particular day or if he often leads the prayer. To see that he is in a room full of much older men is very impressive.

Generally, all imams have the entire Quran memorized from cover to cover and can recite it without error every day. It's safe to say that this young boy has it memorized and is very knowledgeable in Islam or else he wouldn't be leading the prayer. It doesn't matter if you're Muslim or not, watch this very short video. It's translated in English so you can see what he's saying.