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We examine our own performance toward the One who bought us with His blood and should be challenged to be found likewise in His eyes. Do we observe a wife who in our estimation falls far short of the biblical standard? We would do well to consider our own performance toward Christ and His forgiveness and faithfulness in the face of our rebellious behavior.

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In short, by applying the analogy of marriage, we learn about who Christ is and what He would have from us, and we learn about our true priorities and His estimation of our behavior. This is indeed a great mystery, revealed now to the Church through Jesus' chosen apostles, the close consideration of which can help us to know our Master better and bring us closer to Him by making us better servants for Him.

And it has been given her to wear a pure, resplendent [gown] of the finest material now this fine material represents the righteous acts of His holy ones [believers]. The Revelation : While we now know the mystery of Christ and of the Church, it has not been fully revealed what we shall be 1Jn. Therefore the final and full experiential unveiling of the great mystery still lies in the future, awaiting the day when Christ shall be fully unveiled to the world at His return Lk.

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Thus God took Satan completely by surprise, and though He had given indications of future events, before the cross the great mystery was hidden — to His glory and the devil's discomfiture cf. Christ, now human and divine, coming to earth to die for our sins is the mystery Col. As the antitype to the fifth and sixth Genesis days, the Church age reflects the refilling of the newly refurbished earth. For as the previous four Genesis days had made life habitable for the creatures placed upon it by God during the fifth and sixth day, culminating in the creation of human kind in Adam and Eve, so the Church age has seen the arrival of the bountiful crop sprung from the seed of faith planted in the Gentile age and sprouting in the Jewish age.

Noah along along with seven others had kept this seed alive at the time of the great flood 1Pet. But during the Church age, as in the fifth and sixth Genesis days when the filling up of the world with creature life had occurred only after the favorable conditions created by the first four days — all the particulars necessary to physical life in the Genesis type — so in the antitype of human history the abundant "hundred fold" crop of salvation throughout the world which that plant is now producing, the filling up of the body of Christ, has been occurring only after the necessary conditions have been met Lk.

The Church age is truly the "fullness of times" for in it the Church is fulfilled Eph.

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And just as the final pair of Genesis days culminates in the creation of the man and of the woman who fulfills him, so the final pair of historical days begins and ends with the Son of Man's two advents, and is taken up with the completion of the Bride for whom He died. The Church age is thus the mystery age, because it is in this age that the mystery of Christ and of His Church has been revealed and is being fulfilled.

And now, at the end of these days, the unsearchable and perfect plan of God is on the point of being completely fulfilled, with the gap in the family of God created by the defection of the devil and his angels nearly filled up by Christ and His Church, a feat seemingly impossible before the cross and the resultant dissemination of the gospel to the gentiles, but at this late hour all but an accomplished fact, a mystery hidden and still hidden from all those whose eyes are blinded by the prince of this world, but an essential and blessed truth to all who have had the privilege of partaking of the riches of Jesus Christ:.

It is of this [Church] that I, [Paul], have become a minister according to God's mandate given to me for dispensing [the truth] to you, in order to bring completeness to God's plan lit. To all such God desired to make known what wealth there is in this glorious mystery regarding the gentiles, for it is that Christ — your hope of glory i.

Day 7: As discussed in the previous section, the seventh Genesis day of rest and the Millennium, a time of universal peace and rest under the perfect rule of Jesus Christ Is. So while on the seventh Genesis day God ceased His work of re-creating the earth because it had been perfectly accomplished, in the analogous seventh millennial day, God will cease from His work in filling up the body of Christ's Church because she will have been perfectly and completly filled up to the full replacement number, and resurrected to be with Christ forever.

As in beginning of human history in Eden, however, when the command "be fruitful and multiply" made clear that it was God's will for what He had made full to become even fuller Gen. Just as the seventh Genesis day was, therefore, a demonstration that everything God had done in re-creating the earth "was good" Gen. The earth of Genesis chapter one is gradually reclaimed from a condition of darkness and devastation following God's judgment upon Satan's revolt: see Part 1 of the present study by systematically ridding it of all factors unfavorable to human life and habitation, both by separation from elements hostile to life, and by replacement and filling with the elements necessary for life as we have discussed in detail above.

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In an analogous fashion, the millennial earth under the perfect rule of Jesus Christ will restore "goodness" to the world again, not only by removing from it the most pernicious source of evil the devil and his angels and the world system of evil they promote: Rev. In Genesis we are told that when God had accomplished all He had set out to do in restoring the earth and replacing its creatures following His prior judgment upon it , that He blessed the seventh day and "made it holy" i. In the face of the rebellion of so many of His angelic creatures, God did not compromise His holiness but acted in justice, judging the earth, and in so doing opened the door for His righteous mercy.

In restoring light to the universe and habitability to the earth, God demonstrated His faithfulness in the face of creature unfaithfulness, bringing about the requisite conditions for life on earth again, thus restoring wholeness biblical "peace". In replacing earth's plant and animal life and in creating the conditions for replacing what was missing in the family of God, either through the [potential] reconciliation of the fallen angels or their replacement with mankind , God rendered the pre-fall cosmos "good", thus demonstrating His great and unique love for His creation, and the boundless and incomprehensible nature of His grace.

In a similar fashion, the Millennium will see, through the perfect rule of the Son of God, the reclaiming of God's direct control over the earth and Man's as well in the of person Jesus Christ, the Last Adam, reclaiming that which was lost by the first Adam. Though sin will not disappear until the present heavens and earth are destroyed by fire and replaced with the new heavens and earth Is.

Like the seventh Genesis day, it will be a time sanctified i.

According to Deuteronomy , a major purpose of the Sabbath day was for Israel to remember their deliverance from Egypt by God's mighty power. It was to be a day of rest so that even those without recourse, servants and animals, might have some repose Deut. Just so, the Millennium is a time to remember God's deliverance of the world from the devil's grasp, so vividly and horribly experienced in the Great Tribulation which immediately precedes it Rev.

He has sent Me to proclaim victory on behalf of the afflicted, to bind up the wounds of the broken hearted, to announce liberation for the captives and freedom for the prisoners, to announce the year of the Lord's favor [the Millennium], and a day of vengeance for our God [the 2nd Advent], to comfort all who mourn, to provide for those who grieve for Zion, to anoint them with joy as with a crown in place of their grief, and to dress them in garments of praise in place of their faint spirits. Isaiah a. A major part of this Millennial restoration of "good" in an environment of superabundance is the fulfillment of all of God's promises to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and the Jewish nation as a whole.

The Millennium will see the complete fulfillment of all the Old Testament covenants, with Jews from everywhere on earth brought back to the land of Israel, established with her promised borders by the Son of David, our Lord Jesus Christ, who will preside over the entire world from His capital, Jerusalem see section IV. The Church believers from all three prior dual millennial day sets or ages will return with Christ, being resurrected just prior to His 2nd Advent 1Cor. The Church is thus complete at the return of Christ, but there are many who will turn to Him after He returns with His bride.

These are those "invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb" Rev. First and foremost, the new wave of Millennial believers will be Jews, who, when confronted with the reality of the returning Messiah, will turn to God Jer. Throughout the course of the Millennium, however, many more will believe — gentiles as well as Jews — as the human race, lately decimated by the events of the Tribulation, expands geometrically in the paradise conditions of Christ's world-wide Kingdom Is. These Jews and gentiles who will turn to the Lord after His glorious return are a complement above and beyond the fullness which is the Church at Christ's return.

That is, they are given to Christ over and above the number needed to replace the devil and his followers on a strictly one for one basis for that is accomplished by the resurrection of the Church at the 2nd Advent. These post 2nd Advent believers, "invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb" the uniting of Christ and His Church and its celebration throughout the memorial time of the Millennium: Rev. Thus the believers of the Millennium constitute an additional blessing for Christ, a " double portion " blessing that is traditionally the right of the first born Deut.

As illustrated in the chart above, both sets of days are subdivided into three discrete pairs: ; ; with the exception in each instance of the seventh day. Whether taken in tandem or taken individually, both the first six Genesis days and the first six millennial days demonstrate an essential progression of separation the good from the bad, physically and spiritually respectively and of filling to replenish the material world and the family of God respectively leading toward an ultimate goal: the habitability of the earth for mankind in the case of the Genesis days, and the filling up of the full number of family of God for the Son of Man at His return in the case of the millennial days.

The seventh day in each case is a crowning glory, a memorial time of rest and blessing with paradise conditions under the rule of the First Adam and the Last Adam respectively. Thus the seven re-creative days of Genesis serve as a model for God's plan for human history, wherein the people of God are progressively separated from the devil's world and enter God's lists in progressively mounting numbers through faith in the Son of God, Jesus Christ as replacements for Satan and his followers Ex. God had originally created the entire universe in the blink of an eye Gen.

Therefore His utilization of six literal days merely to restore the earth to habitability with a seventh memorial day of rest to follow , was certainly not the result of any need on His part for what in comparative terms was a much longer period of time He is omnipotent, after all, and not subject to space and time. In fact, as we have just sought to demonstrate above, the seven Genesis days have great symbolic significance, for they provide a blueprint of God's plan for human history in the planting Gentile age , growing Jewish age and harvesting Church age of the Church for Jesus Christ with a second, memorial bumper crop to follow in the Millennium.

Just as was the case in His provision of marriage with that institution providing mankind with a constant synchronic analogy for the overarching purpose of history: the marriage of Christ and the Church , so through His re-creation of the earth in seven days and the resultant weekly seven day pattern governing our lives God has given us a continual diachronic memorial for remembering and considering His essential objective for human history: the calling out of the Church for Christ.

Every day and every week — the essential units of time by which we organize our lives — offers us a reminder of God's plan for the ages, perfect and inevitable. For every day and every week serve as divinely constructed analogies to God's design of human history in the progressive and systematic formation of the Church, centered and focused upon the Person and the work of Jesus Christ. The Jewish Ceremonial Calendar : The third proof of God's seven millennial day construction of human history is to be found in the pattern of festivals He ordained for Israel in the Mosaic Law. The Jewish ceremonial calendar was, after all, not produced by human agency, but was instead given to Israel by God Himself through His intermediary Moses Gal.

It is not surprising, therefore, that, just as the seven Genesis days give us God's blueprint for human history as a whole, so the yearly system of dates and festivals ordained by the Mosaic Law likewise lays out the pattern for God's historical agenda. This ceremonial calendar, by means not only of its festivals, but also through the significant gaps it contains between the festivals, mirrors the overall progression of God's plan for human history. For the Jewish calendar is essentially composed of four "gaps" periods of no festivals separated by three festival clusters, wherein both the festivals and the gaps give specific information about God's grand design in Jesus Christ and the calling out of His Church: It is significant that the Jewish religious year does not begin on the day of Passover, but that Passover is held two weeks into the first month.

As is the case in all four gaps, we have a fourteen day period symbolizing the two millennial days of the age it represents. In all of these cases, the basic period of the week is, in a yearly context, performing a similar symbolic function to that of the day in a weekly context cf. That is to say, in this first fourteen day period representing the Age of the Gentiles each of the two weeks stands for one of that period's two millennia, just as in the case of the Genesis week, each day represents one thousand years. No festival had preceded the initial two weeks representing the age of the Gentiles because that age was, as we have seen, concerned with preserving the line of faith, and not with the calling out of sufficient numbers to fill up the Body of Christ.

However, the three ages which follow that of the Gentiles all produce significant numerical contributions to the growing family of God, so that the calendar given to Moses precedes the gaps in the year which represent them with appropriately symbolic inaugural festivals. Thus Passover represents the Jewish Age in its own right, but also precedes the gap in the calendar which symbolizes the Jewish Age.

The essential reason for this double symbolism treated in more detail below is that while the festival-clusters provide an overall analogy for the ages they represent, the gaps 1 specifically relate the millennial day symbolism of the Genesis week to that of the religious year through the use in each gap of two sets of seven days, each standing for one millennial day , and 2 also and importantly give the proportion of believers entering the family of God in each of the three ages of filling through the use in each of the last three gaps of additional twelve day sets: see below.

It is both significant and appropriate that the festival cluster representing the Age of Israel should be the one which also symbolizes the sacrifice of the Messiah. Technically, the festival of Unleavened Bread treated next symbolizes the Age of Israel.

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Passover, the inaugural feast of the Jewish ceremonial calendar, is well-known as a festival richly symbolic of the death our Savior.