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And the same writer b observes, that Aesculapius particularly was worshipped at Pergamos; and hence he is called by Martial c the Pergamean god; to his temple here, men used to go from different parts of the world for cure of diseases; hither Antoninus the emperor went for such a purpose, as Herodian d relates; and this being a common thing, hence Lucian e scoffingly says, that Aesculapius had an apothecary's shop at Pergamos.

As Rome, and its dominions, were the principal seat of the church in this period of time, it may well be called Satan's seat or throne; not only because it had been the seat of the Roman emperors, the ten horned and seven headed beast, Revelation ; but because it was the seat of antichrist, which the great dragon Satan gave him, whose coming was after the working of Satan, and he was influenced by him; and who, like Satan, exalted himself above all that is called God; yea, placed himself in the temple of God, the church, as God, showing himself to be God, assuming that power to himself which only belonged to God.

Moreover, he may be called so for his enmity and malice against the saints, and for his art and subtlety, and insidious methods to ensnare and destroy them. Now to dwell where such an one has his seat, his throne, has a kingdom, power, and authority, must be very uncomfortable, as well as dangerous; and required great care, circumspection, and prudence how to behave: and yet to the commendation of this church it is said, and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith: the pure members of this church are the two witnesses, which rose up at the beginning of the apostasy of Rome, and bore their testimony against it, and for the truth; and continued to do so amidst all the corruptions and persecutions of that state: these are the two olive trees, that, through the golden pipes of the word and ordinances, emptied the golden oil of Gospel truths out, of themselves, pure and incorrupt, and the two candlesticks that held forth the light of the Gospel in the darkest times of Popery; these held fast the name of Christ, or the Gospel, and denied not, but confessed the doctrine of faith in the worst of times.

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They had the truths of the Gospel in their possession, which were dear and valuable to them; and whereas there was danger of losing them, they held them fast, with great courage, magnanimity, and strength, though the greater number was against them, and they were attended with reproach and persecution: even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth.

Antipas is the proper name of a man; so a son of Herod was called f , even he that beheaded John, and mocked Christ: and there might be a man of this name at Pergamos, that might suffer martyrdom for the Gospel of Christ; and who was an emblem of the confessors, witnesses, and martyrs, that suffered for Christ, in this period of time, through their opposition to the popes of Rome; for Antipas is the contraction of Antipater, and is the same with Antipapas, or Antipappas, which signifies one that is against the pope, an opposer of that holy father; and so intends all those that made head against him, upon his rising and revelation, and when he assumed the power he did to himself; such as the Waldenses and Albigenses particularly, who set themselves against him, openly declared that the pope was antichrist, and that his government was tyrannical, and his doctrines the doctrines of devils, abominable and fabulous.

They bore a faithful testimony against all his corruptions and innovations, and became martyrs in the cause of Christ, many thousands of them being slain for his sake within the dominions of this firstborn of Satan. The Alexandrian copy reads "Anteipas"; and his name is left out in the Syriac and Arabic versions, a L. De Bello Jud. Now this Antipas was the angel or minister of the church of Pergamos, as Aretas writes.

We must first, with Andreas,[] think of a remarkable flourishing of idol-worship in general, if the remark of And. That Perg. The only correct view is the reference, understood already by N. Only in Perg.

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Whether this was caused by the adherence of the heathen with special fanaticism to their Aesculapius;[] or the fact that Perg. The former is the objective, and the latter the subjective nature. The correct text, with which the Vulg. But even the latter explanation does not naturally appear in the simple members of which the entire sentence consists. Primas, N. Of the martyr Antipas, nothing historical is known.

Whether his martyrdom, noticed by Andreas, were related already perhaps from the account, contained in the later martyrologies and menologies, viz. Vitringa adds, yet, that the mystical Pergamos where this mystical Antipas was slain, viz.

Where Satan’s Throne Is

Zornius in Wolf is a curiosity; viz. Rossal and Ph.

Acts sqq. Revelation ; Revelation Acts ; Acts ; Acts ; John Winer, p.

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Expositor's Greek Testament Revelation Two features in the local situation menaced Christianity. Pergamos, besides forming a legal centre for the district ad earn conueniunt Thyatireni aliaeque inhonorae ciuitates, Plin. Another feature, shocking to early Christian feeling, was the local cult of Aesculapius cf. Revelation ; so Pausan. In addition to these fashionable cults, a magnificent throne-like altar to Zeus Soter towered on the Acropolis Paus.

Least of all at this cathedral centre of the Imperial cultus could dissent be tolerated. The Asiarch, e. How then can I blaspheme my King, who has saved me? Jewish analogies in 2Ma , Ass. He is faithful who retains his faith. The sober truth is probably that he formed the first prominent victim in the local church, possibly in Asia Minor, to the demands of the Imperial cultus. On the whole verse see Ep.

The name is neither a personification nor typical. Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges Perhaps therefore the meaning is only, that Pergamum was in a special sense a home of the Satanic spirit of persecution cf. Revelation According to what seems the best text, the construction is not quite grammatically regular, but it is in accordance with the usage of this Book.

A legend is given of the martyrdom under Domitian of Antipas Bishop of Pergamum: it can probably be traced up to the fifth or sixth century. Perhaps it is presumable that he was a Jew by birth: the name is a shortened form of Antipater. The latter, like Philip and other Macedonian names, had become common all over the Levant: but perhaps especially common among Jews, from its being borne by the father of Herod and in this shortened form by his son, the tetrarch of Galilee.

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So Revelation ; Acts The Seat of Satan November 17, This week's series. Monday : Satan's Nature and Character Revealed.

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Tuesday : The Seat of Satan. Wednesday : Satan's Place in the Heavenlies. Thursday : The Kingdom of Light.

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In this video. Satan's Nature and Character Revealed. Watch Now. Want to take the broadcast with you? Search All Media. Category - Any - Washington D. Victory Campaign Washington Washington D. Avery Jackson Dr. Caroline Leaf Dr. In the famous City of Knossos and royal temple we might be able to find this famous throne of Satan that sits here vacant to this very day. Another story tells us that at Polyrrhenia his captives revolted while he was performing a sacrifice, and he escaped with only one ship. He was the son or grandson of Atreus, king of Mycenae, and his wife Europe.

Lappa was also said to owe its origin to Agamemnon. According to another report the Trojan Aeneas was the founder of Pergamum, and Talthybius of Mycenae was the founder of Tegea. I suppose the warriors in question to be those who deserted their Chieftain here, and that the word Pergamians denotes the founders of this Cretan city, rather than the inhabitants of Troy. Of the exact situation of these other towns no ancient authors afford any indications. Tegea alone is known by its coins, and the commonest type which they bear is the same as one of those of Cydonia.

The fact, too, that the Phrygians of Classical times were Indo-Europeans proves nothing as to the affinities of the place names of Phrygia. The name Pergamon is derived of three words being that of per, gam or gamos and mon or man. The name indicates the ancient spiritual and material battle in the form of a world-wide game for the rite to claim the title of the Throne of Caesar or the Tsar as Pontifex Maximus.

A chess game through the Gnostic labyrinth of life that was created on the island named after a Greek word to create, Kriti, now called Crete at the temple and church of Pergamon. What happened to the Church of Pergamon and the Throne of Satan? This was a battle for power, knowledge and control of all the Temples in the world.