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Keeping both legs bent at the knee, raise one of your legs until your calf is perpendicular to the ground. Hold the position for a moment, then lower your leg and lift the other one. Alternate and repeat.

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The lunge is a pillar move that works all kinds of critical muscles for strength and stability. These raise your heart rate and also work just about everything else: shoulders, chest, abs, upper legs and hips. No mountain required. The move: Assume a pushup or plank position.

Step forward with one foot, pulling your knee toward your chest. Alternate legs. Keep your back straight to maximize effectiveness and avoid injury. Also known as an eccentric exercise. The eccentric or negative part of weightlifting breaks down the muscles in different ways by focusing on the lowering part of the movement. This shoulder capsule mobility drill increases the function of your shoulders, scapulas and arms in an overhead position. The move: Begin with your feet hip-width apart and your arms locked out overhead.

Pull your shoulders down into your shoulder capsule the opposite of shrugging your shoulders up. Then begin making small circles with your arms, trying to keep a soft bend in your knees while your rib cage and belly button stay on a tight, compressed line. Make sure to circle in both directions.

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A great workout for your upper body from your chest, biceps and traps to your abs and lower back. Maybe best of all, it requires no equipment and is a move almost everybody knows how to do. The move: With hands slightly wider than your shoulders, lower your body until your elbows are at a degree angle, then push up.

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But still: A quick run is a useful way to exercise. Your classic interval training, where you alternate all-out running for, say, one lap, with a more paced jog. Another term for a sprint. A great basic move that works your entire body and especially your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves and core. The move: Begin with your feet about hip-width apart. Step back into a reverse lunge with your front foot staying flat under your bent front knee and your back foot supported by your toes.

Then return your back foot to the normal lunge position. The move: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Raise yourself up, pushing through your heels. Then, slide your body forward, off of the support. Steady yourself, using your arms for support. Dip down, bending your arms, touching your bottom to the ground, then raise yourself back up again. A somewhat controversial lift move, these are great for building shoulders, but can also be great for harming your shoulders.

Use in moderation. The move: Start with the barbell at waist height. Use an overhand grip, slightly less than shoulder width. Keep your back straight and lift the bar to your chin, keeping the bar as close to your body as possible. Keep your elbows above your forearms the entire time. Hold for a moment, then slowly lower the bell.

Repeat as desired. Note: This can also be done with a cable or dumbbells. Absolutely love the program I'm on! HCG is the way to go for me! I love the app The recipes are so extremely helpful and delicious! And the encouragement helps immensely! Everyone from the check in process up to meeting the doctor was simply, easy and stress free.

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    The doctor is always available for any questions. This was a great investment for me and anyone who is serious Dr Woeller is the absolute sweetest and motivating doctor I have met. The front office staff are the nicest and happiest people, and always eager to help, shout out to Maritza for always smiling. Efrain makes injections Go and see this place.

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