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Why Do My Dreams Come True? (Hint: It's Not Déjà Vu)

Dreams Come True didn't make a big name for themselves in the States, but remained an ever-present entry in the Japanese scene, topping the Oricon singles chart in after a decade-long pause. The band hit gold on the first try: its debut eponymous album, out in , sold over a million copies, and the following releases -- Love Goes On , Wonder 3 , and Million Kisses -- continued the upward trend, all scoring at number one and becoming platinum.

They culminated with The Swinging Star , which was the first album in Japan to sell over three million units. Love Goes On lingered in the Oricon charts for four years. It was followed by the slightly strange stunt of a Japanese band doing the theme for an American cartoon instead of anime the flick in question being The Swan Princess [], with the song "Eternity".

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She also starred in a number of commercials, including ads for Sony, Vodaphone, and Coca-Cola, while Masato wrote scores for Sonic the Hedgehog games and dabbled in ad jingles himself in the s he returned to video games, contributing some DCT songs for the Dance Dance Revolution series. The band also released the double-platinum albums Delicious and Love Unlimited By the second half of the '90s, expectations were running high. Dreams Come True re-recorded a bunch of their old songs in English for the album Sing or Die, which came out in the States but failed there, ending dreams of conquering the Billboard charts.

Shy & Shinigami - Where dreams come true (prod. jay vee + nothing, nowhere.)

Meanwhile, the Oricon charts remained more susceptible to their crooning -- Sing or Die went gold in Japan, and The Monster went platinum. In the band debuted in Taiwan, playing for a crowd of 25,, and took part in a number of charity events, including a stint with Ryuichi Sakamoto.

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Still, the start of the s turned out to be a tough time for Dreams Come True. Although Monkey Girl Odyssey climbed to number one, their sales dropped.

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Consistent global messaging and visual iconography will be centered on the universally understood principle of dreams to ensure emotional resonance with audiences around the world. The creative elements of the campaign leverage the findings of the consumer research insight that identified Disney Parks as transformational experiences. The series of inspirational video assets being created in to support the event and campaign are designed to evoke an emotional response and convey in magical ways the emotional transformations that happen every day at Disney Parks worldwide.

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Disney Parks has tapped a world-class team of creative visionaries to bring this global campaign to life. In addition, Disney Parks announced today that it has added world-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz to the creative team.

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Leibovitz will be creating a celebrity-based campaign that will convey how these experiences transport people from the ordinary to the extraordinary.